All the Greens who have won elections in Canada have used the Get Out the Vote strategy. It means canvassing on foot and by phone. Canvassing starts long before the official Election Period opens. Paul Manly who recently won Nanaimo-Ladysmith started canvasing in early January for an election on May 6. We started on May 4. Election day is October 21.

If you want to make a difference, joining a Canvassing Team has the biggest impact. Teams are based on a time slot, like “The Monday Evenings Team”. Currently, we have 4 time slots: Monday Evenings and Tuesday Evenings, and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday Afternoons. More will be added as people come forward to say when they are available. Join as many timeslots as you like, and come out as often as you can, and don’t worry if you have to miss some.

We always pair new canvassers with experienced ones, and we give them a detailed orientation. Most outings are one to two hours in length.

To get started, just send e-mail to saying you would like to canvas. Also, on, you can click “volunteer” and fill out a form we’ll get it.

Here’s a great strategy: talk it over with your friends and set up to canvas together with people you already love to spend time with!