Detailed Information about our Contestants

We are pleased to announce that two well known proponents of climate action and social justice will contend for the Federal Green Party nomination at an on-line meeting open to the public on Wednesday, August 4, 2021.

Chanté White

Chanté White is a second generation Canadian, born to immigrant parents from Guyana and Jamaica. She grew up in Toronto, ON. She is a recent graduate from Trent University Peterborough with an honours degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Political Studies. She has a deep love for nature and the environment and is a leading member of the Climate Reality Project, a non-profit founded by VP Al Gore. 

 Her passion for politics stems from her desire to better her local community and her overarching goal of dismantling racial injustice in Canada. She has spent years volunteering within the community advocating for youth and working with politicians for more accessible mental health care, environmental protections, affordable education, and many other issues facing Canadians today. Chanté has published several articles on environmental policy for Electric City Magazine and most recently collaborated with the District Health Unit to develop a policy scan to identify gaps in climate change mitigation policies.

 Chanté is committed to the development of a sustainable, healthy and diverse community, and to helping aid the shift to a circular economy. With her multicultural approach to local politics and knowledge of environmental policy, she is determined to help develop modern approaches to some of our most prevalent issues. Chanté loves her community and enjoys being a part of progress. She is excited to meet you all and prove to you why she should be your Green Party Candidate and future political leader. 

Guy Hanchet

Guy has cared about environmental issues since he was a boy scout in his teens where he learned to leave his camp site better than he found it. He became passionate about advocating for action to combat the climate crisis when his granddaughter was born in 2010. When she asks, “Grandpa, you knew it was bad, why didn’t you do more?” he wants to be able to reply, “I did whatever I could.”

Guy was instrumental in creating the Peterborough Chapter of The Leap Manifesto which brought together local social justice organizations to collaborate on all the intersecting issues of climate justice under the concept of taking care of the earth and of each other.

Guy has spoken many times on the topic of the Climate Crisis including as the warm up act for David Suzuki at the November 29, 2015 March for Climate Solutions in Ottawa before a crowd of 25,000. 

  •         B.Sc. Mathematics, McGill University, 1972
  •         Co-Founder and current Chair of For Our Grandchildren
  •         Past President of Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough
  •         Climate Reality leader trained by Al Gore in San Francisco in 2012
  •         Member of Citizens Climate Lobby since 2012
  •         Past member of Transition Town Board of Directors
  •         Past chair of the Kawartha Loon Exchange Board of Governors
  •         Co-Founder of Peterborough Leap Manifesto 
  •         Member of the Green Party of Canada Peterborough and Kawarthas Executive
  •         Member of Green Party (off and on) since 2005



GPC Nomination Meeting on August 4

Two well known proponents of climate action and social justice will contend for the Federal Green Party nomination at an on-line meeting open to the public on Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 7:30.

The meeting will be held on Zoom at the link below. Please register at least 15 minutes before the meeting starts. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Chanté White is a Trent U. Environmental Studies and Political Science graduate who has spent years volunteering and advocating for youth, more accessible mental health care, environmental protections, affordable education and other ways integrate racial and social justice with climate action.

Guy Hanchet, a McGill graduate, is a co-founder and current chair of For Our Grandchildren. He was instrumental in creating the Peterborough Chapter of The Leap Manifesto which brought together local social justice organizations to collaborate on all the intersecting issues of climate justice under the concept of taking care of the earth and of each other.

Coincidentally, both contestants are trained members of the Climate Reality Project founded by Al Gore.

Local Federal Green Party Closes Nominations on July 7

(Peterborough) July 1, 2021 – Nominations for the Green Party of Canada candidacy in Peterborough-Kawartha are closing on Wednesday, July 7th. “While we are very pleased with the contestants that have been approved so far, there is room for more!” says Roberta Herod, CEO of the electoral district association. “Room, but not much more time. Our planetary home is sizzling, and only the Green Party is treating this as an emergency. Climate emergency mobilization can bring jobs and fairness with it. Running for the Green Party is a great way to make a difference.”

Anyone interested in running for the position must complete the on-line application at before the deadline in order to be considered. 

AGM Report to the Membership from the CEO

AGM Report to the Membership from the CEO

Good afternoon everyone.  Thank you for taking time out of your Saturday to join us. The Green Party Movement is an international movement that is growing as people all over the world realize that the current global trajectory is unsustainable The Green Party wants be the change the world desires and we believe The Green Party is the change the world needs.

I am sure it has not escaped your view that COVID 19 has certainly changed everything about how we live in the last year. The local Green Party of Canada started the year with grand plans and extraordinary dreams only to be forced to change, not the plans and dreams, but how we would accomplish them in a COVID world. I would like to highlight but a few of those plans and dreams that came to fruition.

As many of you know, 2020 was the year the Green Party of Canada choose a new leader. During the Leadership Contest, our riding hosted each leadership contestant at least once including 2 face to face meetings and 14 Zoom meetings. 

We created and published 2 local newsletters, one “end of year” video and learned how to use lots of new computer programs so we could continue to meet and communicate with you.

We established a Petitions and Advocacy Committee under Katrina’s Behr leadership and developed a Membership 101 PowerPoint online resource with Gianne Broughton’s knowledgeable guidance.  Both of these projects have been shared and used across Canada by other federal Electoral District Associations, also known as EDAs and provincial Constituency Associations known as CAs.  

We worked with other area federal and provincial Green groups to establish “The Lakes” regional cooperative with a goal to maximize EDA and CA effectiveness by sharing resources and ideas.  

While fundraising and friendraising was particularly challenging during the year, we did participate in some local volunteer events promoting a positive image for the Greens and spent much of our time behind the scenes ensuring that our database of members and friends is accurate and usable for the next elections.

However, beyond the plans and dreams, I think more than anything, what we all experienced was an immense satisfaction as a volunteer in the Green movement.  We had fun, we worked hard, we learned new things and I know that we took lots of steps forward in our quest to make the planet healthier and our society kinder and fairer under the banner of the Green Party of Canada.   Would like to thank the remarkable and dedicated team of “Green Believers” that I had the pleasure of working with over the past year Justin McKeiver, Peggy Scott, Gianne Broughton, Gabriel Stamou, Katrina Behr, Ashley Bonner, and Guy Hanchet.

And finally, if we are to be a political force, we need to find more people to help us.  Volunteers are crucial to our success.  So I encourage you to volunteer and donate your time and your skills. And are needed and wanted.

And secondly, we need to raise funds to mount a successful election campaign. Today, I am asking you to donate.  A one-time donation is great, however, I would like to encourage you to set up a monthly donation to the Peterborough-Kawartha Green Party of Canada.  This will help us to plan and grow more effectively.  Membership and donation links are found in the Chat area of this Zoom call.  And if you are joining us via Facebook, my email is and I would be more than happy to send you the forms or talk to you about the difference you can make in our community.

We are looking for good people, for volunteers, for supporters and for leaders.  Our Candidate Nominating Committee is working hard to develop a roster of committed and enthusiastic people who will help us win the next federal election.  So…is it your Time to Run?  

Green Party Federal Agriculture Policy

Rural people are at the forefront of climate change. But often they are isolated from the decision-making that impacts their environment and their options for adapting. The Green Party aims to bring the adaptation process into the power of rural people by strengthening their participation in research, innovation, and implementation. There are ways to reduce Green House Gas emissions while strengthening the real incomes and quality of life of rural people.

Because of the multiple benefits of ecologically sound farming methods, including a big reduction in GHG emissions, Green Party MPs will work to assist farmers who wish to transition to more ecologically sound practices to make the switch. Local food production will be encouraged in order to reduce emissions from transport.

Livestock production is currently a major contributor to non-carbon dioxide GHG emissions. Of the GHG emissions generated from agriculture, 43% comes from dairy and beef herds emitting methane; 40% from poor soil fertilization practices releasing N2O; 15% from poor manure management from penned livestock herds; and 2% from other sources.

Green Party MPs will promote the use of manure and farm waste to build soil nutrition and organic content. We will pay farmers for carbon sequestration in soils within a domestic carbon market. This will promote no-till agriculture practices which will in turn slow and reverse the process of soil depletion. We will plan for transition to 100% ecologically sound farming.

Urban agriculture will be encouraged to provide more local food, including more green roofs, reducing air conditioning demand and run-off in deluge rains.