Backgrounder for Executive Positions

In preparation for Annual General Meetings, we have compiled a backgrounder. Every year, nominations are open for all executive positions on both the local provincial constituency association and the federal electoral district association.

Please read this document before applying to stand for election to the Peterborough-Kawartha Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association. It gives background about the association and job descriptions for the positions, which are President, CFO, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair, Messaging Chair and Member at Large.

And this document provides similar information for applying to stand for election to the Peterborough-Kawartha Federal Green Party Association. The positions are CEO, Financial Agent, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair, Communications Chair, Organizing Chair and Member at Large.

William Beauvais Classical Guitarist

William Beauvais Classical Guitarist

Old Wood New Seeds
Winter Longing Music

A solo CD of new music by William Beauvais.
The culmination of two years of creativity, Old Wood – New Seeds presents a collection of wonderful music for classical guitar. It includes the folk inspired suite Appalachian Colours that dazzles and offers music of deep solace. The Ancient Waters looks east to the Balkans and moves from a ravishing prayer – Secret Lake – to a full out Bulgarian romp in Flood Plain. There is music that reflects a renaissance mood and tributes to grey days in November.

The CD is available through the Canadian Music Centre distribution service:

Trent Green Party Club Conference: Putting your degree to action

Trent Green Party Club Conference: Putting your degree to action

Feel that breath of fresh air? It’s coming from the Trent Green Party Club!

Not wasting their time on hot air — setting up a very practical mini-conference that includes a litter-pick-up!

March 22, 2019, 9 a.m. til 4:30 p.m. at the Trent University East Bank Campus.

Vice President of the club, Tia Bankosky explains, “This is a conference of speakers who will be discussing how they are putting their degrees to action, whether they have graduated or are still in school. Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes will be speaking as well as running a clean-up of the Wildlife Sanctuary as part of the Social Enterprise, PickWaste. We will be hearing from Robert Kiley, Gianne Broughton and Brock Grills about how they have applied their Trent degrees to make positive differences in their lives after leaving Trent, particularly in the fields of green politics. Victoria Kacer will be discussing how her education and experiences have helped them in activism for environmental and Indigenous rights. A small lunch will be provided, along with snacks, tea and coffee prepared by Trent Green Party volunteers. There will be mostly vegan options available.”

Here is the schedule for the day, with rooms listed, all of which are on the East Bank:

9:00-9:45 Elder Introduction and Land Acknowledgement in SC 205
10:00-10:45 Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes-Speech in SC 205
11:00-12:00 Sam Demma and Dillon Mendes-Cleanup on Campus at the Wildlife Sanctuary, meet in SC 205
12:15-1:00 Lunch in GC 111
1:15-2:00 Gianne Broughton Speech and questions in GC 115
2:15-3:00 Victoria Kacer-Speech and questions in GC 115
3:15-4:00 Robert Kiley-Speech and questions in GC 115
4:00-4:15 Closing Words and Thank yous in GC 115

For more information please email

The Environmental Registry: Use it or lose it!

Now’s your first chance to affect Environmental Policy!

Since GreenPeace launched a court challenge against the withdrawal of Cap and Trade, the government has decided to fulfill its legal responsibility to hold an on-line consultation through the Environmental Registry.  This is a process for environmental defense that is mandated by the Environmental Bill of Rights.

We need to flood the registry with comments.  Just go to  There is a link to the bill itself, and a “Submit Comment” button

You will be asked to register for an account using your e-mail and a password.  You’ll need to access your email and respond to the message and then change your password (one time only).

After that you will be able to make a comment using the simple “Comment” field. Please keep your comments polite.

The Green Party’s recommendation is that Cap and Trade should be replaced by Carbon Fee and Dividend, after being phased out according to the rules that were in the original legislation, in order to maintain business confidence.

Carbon Fee and Dividend treats all carbon fuel producers equally by charging a “dumping fee” per kiloton of carbon in the product. The fees are collected in a separate account and distributed quarterly equally to all adult residents of Ontario automatically. They just divide the fee income by the number of adult residents, and that average amount goes into our bank accounts as a dividend. The government can’t use that income for any other purpose.

The fee does raise the price of fuel, as the producers will have to pass the cost on, but since they are in a competitive market, they may not pass the whole fee on.  Since rich people use a lot more carbon fuel than the poor, they pay out more than the poor, but the poor get the same averaged dividend, so they come out ahead.  They can use that income for whatever they need.  It will help them cover the increased cost of fuel.

By adding a dumping fee to the cost of fuel, we give the market a signal to find ways to use less fuel, and the consumption goes down.

To fully stimulate the move to a low-carbon economy, the Carbon Fee and Dividend policy needs to be accompanied by other policies which stimulate low-carbon innovation.

For more about Carbon Fee and Dividend:

For more about Green Party “Jobs, People, Planet” policy:

2018 Barrie Convention & AGM

2018 Barrie Convention & AGM


Barrie, September 14th-16th, 2018

In the last four months, we…

  1. Set records in fundraising
  2. Signed up more members than ever
  3. Elected our first Green MPP!

Now it’s time for Ontario Greens to come together and prepare for the path ahead!

Over the weekend we will…

  • Attend workshops on policy
  • Connect with like-minded, passionate Greens from across the province
  • Hear from newly elected Green MPP Mike Schreiner!

Where: Holiday Inn & Conference Centre, 20 Fairview Rd. Barrie, Ontario, L4N 4P3
When: Friday September 14th to Sunday September 16th

Ticket Prices

  • $175 Weekend Pass
  • $125 Weekend Pass (Youth/Retiree/Unwaged)

Purchase tickets here.

Hotel Accomodations

Please note that weekend passes do not include accommodation. To book accommodation at the conference hotel please contact Holiday Inn Barrie Hotel and Conference, book online or call 705-722-0555

If you are looking to share a room contact and we will try and connect you with another delegate.

People Powered Change

People Powered Change

Everyday I meet people like you who know that politics is broken.

Backroom deals. Political games. Accounting gimmicks.

I know we can do better.

I want to work with you to build a better future, one fueled by people powered change.

In the next session of the legislature, your Green MPPs commit to fighting to uphold these commitments for all of us:

  • Leap into the future now by creating jobs in the clean economy
  • Make our homes and businesses more energy efficient
  • Support jobs in your community by lowering payroll taxes on local businesses
  • Unlock housing so everyone has a place they can afford to call home
  • Provide everyone access to mental health services
  • Make sure no one falls through the cracks by implementing a basic income
  • Get the basics right by protecting air, water and farmland
  • Set Ontario on a pathway to 100% renewable energy
  • Get you home faster by investing in transit infrastructure and operations

Greens are honest about the challenges we face. Our goal is to deliver real solutions that put people first – solutions that address your concerns.

It’s time to do politics differently. We can change the political status quo in Ontario.

Like elected Greens across Canada, I’m on a mission to bring honesty, integrity and policies that put people first to Queen’s Park.

It’s time to leap into the future now with confidence, compassion and a bold new vision for Ontario. We need to skate where the puck is going, not where it’s been.

Together, we can show the world what Ontario can do. Vote Green on June 7.