Are you as alarmed about the moves towards privatization as we are? There is so much evidence that public health care is the only efficient way. That’s why the Green Party of Ontario’s platform strengthens it, and puts the emphasis on prevention. And we come close to balancing the provincial budget! Mike Schreiner has launched a campaign to defend public health care. We need to stop starving public health care and embrace Dr. Danielle Martin’s 6 big ideas to improve health care for all Canadians. It is great to see how her ideas match up with Green Party policy.

Big Idea 1: THE RETURN TO RELATIONSHIPS: Ensure relationship-based primary health care for every Canadian

Big Idea 2: A NATION WITH A DRUG PROBLEM: Bring prescription drugs under Medicare

Big Idea 3: DON’T JUST DO SOMETHING, STAND THERE: Reduce unnecessary tests and interventions

Big Idea 4: DOING MORE WITH LESS: Reorganize health care delivery to reduce wait times and improve quality

Big Idea 5: BASIC INCOME FOR BASIC HEALTH: Implement a basic income guarantee

Big Idea 6: THE ANATOMY OF CHANGE: Scale up successful solutions across the country.