• People Powered Change

      Everyday I meet people like you who know that politics is broken. Backroom deals. Political games. Accounting gimmicks. I know we can do better. I want to work with you to build a better future, one fueled by people powered change. In the next session of the legislature, your Green MPPs commit to fighting to uphold these commitments for all of us: Leap into the future now by creating jobs in the clean economy Make our homes and businesses more energy efficient Support jobs in your community by lowering payroll taxes on local businesses Unlock housing so everyone has a place they can afford to call home Provide everyone…

  • Jobs: Our Green vision is of a modern, sustainable, prosperous economy powered by vibrant local businesses and communities.

    Our vision is about making choices that generate and sustain us in a way that benefits everyone. We can take advantage of the opportunities around us to transition our economy to one that is efficient and sustainable, based on principles of fairness and resilience, with respect for people, communities and the climate. The economy is not a stand alone system. We depend on the world around us to create the wealth, goods and services that provide us with our standard of living. We must take into consideration not only what we create, but what we leave behind. Our Green vision for Ontario points us in the direction of a sustainable,…

  • Nature Care Earth Day Awards Celebration

    Join the Green Party to recognize and celebrate some of the many ways that local people and organizations are caring for the environment. Meet, Greet and Eat! Enjoy a bit of the forecasted sun on the porch overlooking the river. It isn’t too late to nominate! PM Gianne Broughton if you would like a nomination form. Sunday at 2 PM – 4 PM Peterborough Lions Community Centre 347 Burnham Street, Peterborough, Ontario K9H 1T5

  • Nature Care Earth Day Awards

    Purpose: To raise public knowledge of the many feasible ways that people in our community are caring for the Earth and that, in many cases, they are providing employment. Concept: This is not a contest. After verification, everyone who is nominated gets the award. Our goal is to see more and more people doing what the nominees are doing. The whole process is open to anyone living in the Peterborough-Kawartha riding to participate. Anyone can nominate anyone else. The nominator must get the nominee’s permission and signature on the nomination form, which is also available at ptbogreens.org. Return forms to ptbogreenevents@gmail.com by April 20, 2018. Nature Care Nomination Form