• Green Party of Canada

    This Budget has nothing for climate

    “This Budget has nothing for climate – nothing at all. It’s as if we’re not in a climate emergency.” – Elizabeth May, MP The Liberal government released its budget this week, outlining the government’s priorities for 2018. Where it’s putting your money – and where it’s not. Green Party members and supporters will recognize some of the government’s new budget initiatives such as increased funding for protected areas, pharmacare, and international development. These issues have been part of the Green Party platform for years and we are encouraged to see the Liberals are catching up. However, overall this budget fails to deliver in the best interests of Canadians on the…

  • Gianne Broughton
    Green Party of Ontario,  Local Greens

    Gianne Broughton Accepts the Nomination from Peterborough – Kawartha Greens

    Good Evening. Land Acknowledgement: Before I tell you about myself and why I offered to stand for nomination, we need to acknowledge our relationship to this land and its Indigenous Peoples. We are meeting on the land that has been cared for by many generations of Mitchi Saugig Anishnaabe and their neighbours the Haudenosaune.  This land was opened for settlement as a result of the Williams treaty. Every time the land or the water or the air is polluted, that is a violation of the spirit of that treaty.  As people who engage in the government of this province, we especially must act so as to honour the treaties and…

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    Though my job constantly requires me to look to the challenges and dangers on the horizon, I know that Canadians working together can solve any problem, overcome any hurdle. I think that is what makes us Canadian – a profound faith that together, through hard work, compassion and cooperation, we can build a better future. This platform is about Canada. Our democracy, our economy, our communities – our future. This platform is about people, each and every one of us, and the role we play in our country and the essential services we all need to live safe, happy, fulfilled, and enriched lives. I know many may think of the…