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Jane or Brock?

Here’s your chance to get a little background on our contestants.

Brock Grills

Brock was born, raised and educated in the City of Peterborough. In 2013 he graduated from Trent University with a degree in political studies. Since then Brock has been involved in a variety of community organizations whether it be playing music to raise money for the local Dragon-Boat festival, volunteering at the Canoe museum or running for Peterborough City Council (Otonabee Ward 1). Brock’s varied professional background will help him to relate to people from all walks of life. He has experience in sales (B2B, retail, customer service) youth work, social media marketing and community outreach.

As the potential Green party candidate Brock would like this election to be about staying true to our values while widening our base of appeal. Canadians are ready for a party and candidate that takes environmental targets seriously while presenting a well rounded platform based on growth in job development, social services, agriculture and innovation.

To be more specific, Brock believes the Green Party of Canada is the best choice for Canadians for a couple of reasons . Canada should not be building more bitumen pipelines but rather be creating 1000’s of jobs by becoming a world leader in efficient bitumen refinement. This is opposed to selling raw bitumen to countries that don’t have the environmental or worker safety concerns we have in Canada. The Green Party is also the only major political party in Canada to call for Whips (party staffers that record how MP’s vote) to be abolished. Brock believes the party whip system makes it so MP’s must put party interests above those of the public, or of their own conscience.

Most importantly Brock is excited to hit doors, create dialogue and hear your ideas for Peterborough.

Jane Davidson

I’m Jane Davidson and I’m contesting the Green Party Candidate Nomination.  I’m asking for your vote to be next Green Party candidate in Peterborough-Kawartha because I believe deeply in the principles and vision of the Green Party of Canada.

I’m the right candidate because of my lifetime of growth and skill development earned from a deep background as a problem solver, professional journalist and communications specialist across many domains in both the public and private sectors. I can hold my own in any debate and speak firmly and with conviction. I deeply admire politicians who come from a place of love and compassion. I am a Christian and my faith drives my values and beliefs.

Only the Greens carry the vision, the passion and the hard and fast smarts to bring about the changes Canadians need to see: changes that bring real solutions to the emerging and urgent climate crisis, and a plan for economic sustainability with a new, sensible and fair tax system for everyone. The Green platform is deep and comprehensive, realistic, and promises democratic reform such as the end of whipped votes in parliament. Greens are the best choice for today’s reality.

I learned a lot about local politics when I created and worked the communications plan for the City of Peterborough following the iconic flood of 2004, a flood that made national news and was an early warning for the coming climate crisis. I crafted speeches and talking points, wrote releases to calm a traumatized populace and penned Q and As for media and for the City website. I learned even more when I ran for Town Ward in Peterborough’s municipal election in October 2018. Door to door canvassing told me that people are desperately worried about our climate crisis and want answers. They believe big polluters should pay for the solutions, and that’s exactly what the Greens have for them, and for everyone in this riding.

They responded to talk about green jobs for the future and the need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. They also want a just society and an end to first-past-the-post politics.

Although I was canvassing openly as an independent and did not have the covert support of any political party, when I spoke to voters and mentioned, “Oh, by the way, I’m a Green,” their eyes lit up and the conversation always became one of great hope.

I learned economics and the vital role played by small business in Canada as a business reporter for both the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star in my early career. Before returning to Peterborough (I am a Trent University graduate) to take the position of Campaign Director of the United Way, I was the senior PR specialist/corporate for Du Pont Canada.

Since that time, I’ve moved back and forth between public relations writing and journalism, including two years as a staff writer for the award-winning Anglican Journal of Canada and for various clients in Peterborough, including the Innovation Cluster at Trent University. I am active with the Peterborough Alliance for Climate Action and have volunteered in a variety of organizations locally.

If ever Canada needed a change, the time is now and the Greens are the only party that can deliver with sound solutions. Other parties in Canada may scramble to “greenwash” their platforms, borrowing heavily from Green Party proposals, but we are the real deal.

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