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Brock Grills to be Green Party Candidate for Federal Election

(PETERBOROUGH) February 26, 2019 – Brock Grills won the Green Party nomination yesterday evening in a contest with Jane Davidson.

In spite of the blizzard earlier in the day, a strong complement of Green members turned out to give close attention to the candidates’ speeches and to ask discerning questions.  “Both candidates presented convincingly,” comments Gianne Broughton, CEO of the local electoral district association. “The outcome was far from a foregone conclusion.”

In addition to emphasizing their commitment to addressing climate change urgently, the contestants discussed topics such as clean economy job creation, how to manage the country’s finances responsibly, and how to reform the political process. “We Greens have a unique vision for Canada and a strong grassroots system that allows input like no other party,” said Grills.

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