• Backgrounder for Executive Positions

    n preparation for the Annual General Meeting in February, nominations are open for all executive positions on both the local provincial constituency association and the federal electoral district association. The AGMs for both associations will take place the same evening, February 11, at 6:30 PM. The venue will soon be finalized.

  • William Beauvais Classical Guitarist

    Old Wood New Seeds Winter Longing Music A solo CD of new music by William Beauvais. The culmination of two years of creativity, Old Wood – New Seeds presents a collection of wonderful music for classical guitar. It includes the folk inspired suite Appalachian Colours that dazzles and offers music of deep solace. The Ancient Waters looks east to the Balkans and moves from a ravishing prayer – Secret Lake – to a full out Bulgarian romp in Flood Plain. There is music that reflects a renaissance mood and tributes to grey days in November. The CD is available through the Canadian Music Centre distribution service: https://www.musiccentre.ca/recordings/distribution

  • The Environmental Registry: Use it or lose it!

    Now’s your first chance to affect Environmental Policy! Since GreenPeace launched a court challenge against the withdrawal of Cap and Trade, the government has decided to fulfill its legal responsibility to hold an on-line consultation through the Environmental Registry.  This is a process for environmental defense that is mandated by the Environmental Bill of Rights. We need to flood the registry with comments.  Just go to https://ero.ontario.ca/notice/013-3738.  There is a link to the bill itself, and a “Submit Comment” button You will be asked to register for an account using your e-mail and a password.  You’ll need to access your email and respond to the message and then change your…