• Green Party Federal Agriculture Policy

    Rural people are at the forefront of climate change. But often they are isolated from the decision-making that impacts their environment and their options for adapting. The Green Party aims to bring the adaptation process into the power of rural people by strengthening their participation in research, innovation, and implementation. There are ways to reduce Green House Gas emissions while strengthening the real incomes and quality of life of rural people. Because of the multiple benefits of ecologically sound farming methods, including a big reduction in GHG emissions, Green Party MPs will work to assist farmers who wish to transition to more ecologically sound practices to make the switch. Local…

  • Mission Possible and the Tar Sands

    Elizabeth May and Jeff Wheeldon respond to criticisms about the proposals about the Tar Sands in Mission Possible, the Green Party's climate crisis action plan.

  • Nominations Closing Aug. 9, 2019

    We are closing nominations for the Green candidacy in Peterborough-Kawartha. We have received some really stellar applications and are thrilled with the potential candidates that have stepped forward in such a short time.

  • Call for Applications for Candidate Nominations

    PETERBOROUGH, July 23, 2019 — The Peterborough-Kawartha Federal Green Party Association is looking for a new candidate for the 2019 federal election. The Green Party in Peterborough is experiencing increased support and interest as the federal election approaches.  Anyone who has an interest in becoming the candidate or volunteering on the campaign, please contact Gianne Broughton, CEO, Peterborough-Kawartha Federal Green Party Association (info@ptbogreens.org) The following information will be useful for people thinking of applying to the nomination process: If you are not already, you would need to become a member of the Green Party of Canada at this link:https://www.greenparty.ca/en/riding/2013-35084 Normally, nominees are expected to have been members for at least…